Surbuf R Series 7 Inch Buffing Pads 2 Pack

Surbuf R Series 7 Inch Buffing Pads 2 Pack
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Surbuf R Series 7 Inch Buffing Pads increase the polishing power of your DA polisher. Patented MicroFingers cover the entire surface of the pad. The movement of a Dual-Action polisher in combination with the MicroFingers increases the usable surface area of the pad. The result is the Surbuf R Series Buffing Pads are capable of removing serious paint defects such as sanding marks, water spots, bug stains, and heavy swirl marks quickly all while maintaining the safety of a DA polisher.

Dual-Action polishers combine the tiny orbital movements of an orbital polisher with the spinning movement of a rotary polisher. The result is a curly-q pattern that takes full advantage of the MicroFingers. The result is a pad that is optimized for unique movement of a DA polisher. The abrasives in the polish stick to the MicroFingers and orbital movement exposes all of the sizes. Like a head of hair, your pad thinks it is larger than it is. Since more abrasives are being worked against the paint the result is dramatically more cutting power! Surbuf R Series Pads give your DA polisher serious defect destroying power!

For best results with Surbuf R Series Buffing Pads use the largest backing plate that will fit the pad safely. Apply a thin even coat of polish over the MicroFingers to prime the pad. Once the pad has been primed use 3 small dots of product for subsequent panels. Polish a small area, between 4' and 6' square in smooth overlapping passes with no pressure. Move the polisher slowly allowing the MicroFingers to whisk over the paint until defects are removed. Clean the pads with a pad brush or compressed air after each section. It is normal for Surbuf R Series Bugging Pads to leave a slight micro-marring haze on the paint. Finish with your favorite finishing pad and polish for a defect free shine!

2 x Surbuf R Series 7 Inch Buffing Pads.

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