Snow Joe IceDozer Kit

Snow Joe IceDozer Kit
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Cleaning ice, front, and snow from windows is not fun, particularly when it is freezing cold. With the Snow Joe IceDozer Kit you can make quick work of the elements so you can get out of them. These two high quality tools level ice and snow quickly! With these two tools you have everything you need to clear your vehicle of snow and ice quickly with out scratching. The Snow Joe IceDozer Kit includes: Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom
Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom is a must-have snow and ice removal tool for those located in the Snow Belt. Designed by an engineer that was tired of flimsy brushes that did little to remove snow off his vehicle, the Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom promises to outperform and outlast other snow removal tools. Best of all, the Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom will not scratch your vehicle’s paint! The Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom also features an ice scraper on the end of the telescoping handle, assisting with ice buildup on your windshield. MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper
This heavy duty ice scraper tears through ice with articulating IceBreaker teeth and underside bottom scrapers, all made of unbreakable materials. The wedge-shaped nose is able to get under the ice and move it more easily than a standard ice scraper blade. An Ice Notch cleans wipers. A squeegee brush wipes away ice. A FrostWedge is a straight edge, like a traditional scraper. For heavy snow, thick ice, thin ice, and every sort of frosty condition, the Snow Joe IceDozer Kit gives you the tools you need to clear your car and get going. A total retail value of $36.98.Save $6.99!

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