RUPES BigFoot iBrid Foam Pads

Stock up on all of the RUPES foam pad compositions for your iBrid polisher! The Rupes iBrid Short Neck and RUPES iBrid Long Neck kits both come with a great assortment of foam buffing pads to help you polish the most intricate details of your vehicle or motorcycle. You’ll be polishing in places you never dreamed of, and once you get started you won’t want to stop. Stock up on each foam pad composition so you’ll always be ready!

All Rupes BigFoot iBrid Foam Pads feature a 24 degree angle that flares out at the face. This unique design allows maximum surface contact which results in maximum efficiency. With Rupes Foam Pads more of your pad, and thus more of your polish, is working resulting in a faster polishing action with less effort. The angled edges allow you to polish under obstructions such as mirrors without damaging them and durable open-cell foam can withstand extended polishing sessions.