RUPES DA Yellow Fine Foam Pad - 6 Inch

RUPES DA Yellow Fine Foam Pad - 6 Inch
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Product Description

Contoured for finishing

RUPES D-A FINE Finishing Foam Pad is the most versatile of the foam pads. They provide rapid removal for those moderate-to-fine defects, while at the same time, polishing the paint to the high-gloss finish worthy of a show car.

What’s great about the RUPES D-A FINE Finishing Foam Pad is the design. These pads have a lower profile, that features an optimized pad height that provides the equality between balance and polishing performance. The material of the foam pads also helps regulate heat, contouring and versatility. Plus, the contoured edge offers improved pad stability and more control of the pad along the curves of the vehicle.

RUPES D-A FINE Finishing Foam Pad are meant to be used with random orbital or gear-driven polishers. Plus, when you combine them with RUPES D-A FINE Polishing Compound, you will get the best results!

Use with a 5 inch backing plate.
6 Inch (150 mm.)
4 Pack

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