Find your Product's Perfect Pair

There are a lot of products out on the market today. Some compete with one another, but others work in sync with one another. BLACKFIRE products are no exception! These products can work great on their own, but when paired with a special someone, two really does become better than one.

BLACKFIRE Metal Polish & BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant

So, you have some metal on your car, but it's looking a little lackluster? It's time to shine it up with BLACKFIRE Metal Polish . BLACKFIRE Metal Polish restores metal to its original finish, even leaving the area haze free. This polish can also remove the effects of oxidation, rust, fine scratches and other defects, it is also safe to use on aluminum, chrome and stainless steal finishes.

But once your metal is all nice and shiny, almost like new, is that it? No! You make sure your metal stays that way with
BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant . BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant provides top of the line protection to your newly polished metal surfaces. Protecting the metal surfaces from corrosion, scratches, wear-and-tear and the effects of UV rays.

BLACKFIRE Bug Remover & BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker

Bugs, who wants them and who needs them? Certainly not your freshly detailed car!
BLACKFIRE Bug Remover removes those pesky bug guts that have made a home on your surface. BLACKFIRE Bug Remover is made of natural cleaners so that it can remove the caustic and acidic insect remains without marring the surface. It's important to remove bug guts quickly, because it can inflict a lot of damage that you wouldn't think too deeply about, and for that reason, it works on a microscopic level.

After all the bugs have been removed, you have to keep it that way. To that, use BLACKFIRE Bug Remover's best friend,
BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker . BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker is the perfect product to apply before hitting the road, especially on a long road trip that is guaranteed to be riddled with bugs. BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker will shield your paint from the insects and neutralize their acids to prevent corroding on your clear coat. Though it won't rid your car of bugs forever, it will make it easier to clean, especially when you use, you guessed it, BLACKFIRE Bug Remover.

BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner & BLACKFIRE Water Spot Remover

Clear windows are the only thing you could ever ask of a glass cleaner, so a glass cleaner should be able to just that.
BLACKFIRE Cleaner brings you a powerful, yet gentle formula to bring you crystal-clear glass, without streaking! Made without ammonia, it is safe to use on tinted windows.

It's one thing to just clean the glass, sometimes you have to bring your glass to the next level, by removing stubborn, set in water spots.
BLACKFIRE Glass Water Spot Remover removes mild to moderate water spots, not only making your car look better, but also increasing your vision. Water spots can't always be removed with just glass cleaner, but when partnered with BLACKFIRE Glass Water Spot Remover, you get mild abrasives to gently remove the spots.

BLACKFIRE Tire and Wheel Cleaner & BLACKFIRE Tire Gel

What is the only thing that could steal your satisfaction after washing your car to a pristine clean? Having your eyes gaze down to see dirty, grimy, dull wheels and tires. Don't forget those four rollers, you have to keep them clean too!
BLACKFIRE Tire & Wheel Cleaner is a safe formula that cleans painted, chrome, polished aluminum and anodized wheels. It is a 100% water-based formula that won't dull or stain, but instead will remove dirt, grime, brake dust and more. Best of all, it works on wheels AND tires.

Once your wheels & tires are clean, it's time to find your tires perfect partner, and glam them up with
BLACKFIRE Tire Gel . BLACKFIRE Tire Gel takes those worn out, but recently cleaned, tires and makes them look like new again with a natural, dark look. One coat will give you a satin shine, two will bring it to high gloss finish. And since it is water-based and not silicone based, it won't attract dust.

Everyone can find their perfect pair!

There are many options that could make the perfect pair. Some may be as you would assume and some may sound totally out there! But these four will make your detailing all the easier, you really can't have one without the other. It's like peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, driving and seatbelts! Everything is better with a friend!