Koala Wash Mitt

Koala Wash Mitt
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The Koala Wash Mitt is the easy-to-hold wash mitt that gently washes your car in the safest manner possible. Made from long-hair Merino wool, the Koala Wash Mitt is the best choice to pamper your vehicle as you clean it. This soft, fluffy wash mitt helps prevents the creation of wash scratches and gloss-reducing swirl marks. Keep your paint shinning with this luxurious wash mitt.

Australia is typically known for rugged things such as crocodiles, brutal creatures and great white sharks. The continent is also home to Merino sheep, which are revered for their velvet-soft wool. Merino wool is typically used to create high-end clothing, where a soft and supple feel is desirable. The Koala Wash Mitt is made from the finest hand-selected Merino wool to pamper your paint.

The Koala Wash Mitt's dense wool pile lifts dirt from the surface and traps it far away from the paint, reducing your chance of creating swirl marks or gloss-robbing “towel scratches.” The thick pile also holds an ample amount of soap solution, which allows you to glide this mitt over the paint, rather than scrubbing and scratching your way to a clean surface.

The Koala Wash Mitt is constructed of 100% merino wool Known as the Koala, this 100% Merino wool mitt features a comfort pocket on the backside of the mitt that slips over your fingers. The mesh finger pocket makes the Koala Wash Mitt extremely easy to hold. A thick, double-stitched border is provided around the circumference of the finger pocket to prevent snagging and increase this mitts already rugged durability.
The Koala Wash Mitt is extremely long wearing and will last much longer than traditional sheepskin wash mitts with proper care. Because it is a natural wash mitt, made from genuine sheepskin, the Koala may have grass or earthy debris deep in the pile. Brush with fine tooth metal comb or sturdy brush prior to use. Wash with plain water or a dedicated wool detergent after use and hang to dry.

Pamper your car while you wash with it with soft, luxurious Koala Wash Mitt.

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