BLACKFIRE Leather Conditioner 128 oz.

BLACKFIRE Leather Conditioner 128 oz.
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For when your leather needs to be renourished!

BLACKFIRE Leather Conditioner keeps leather soft with state-of-the-art breathable polymers. Extreme UV protection resists leather yellowing and photo oxidation. The non-slick, satin finish created by Leather Conditioner resists abrasion, arming your car’s leather seats against daily wear and tear. In addition, BLACKFIRE Leather Conditioner leaves a moisture barrier to prevent moisture from breaking down leather or stitching.

BLACKFIRE Leather Conditioner was developed to offer state-of-the-art UV protection plus a breathable moisture barrier that also guards against wear and abrasion. Sound like a tall order? It was, but BLACKFIRE’s chemist made it happen and now your vehicle reaps the benefits.

Deep condition your leather with BLACKFIRE Leather Conditioner!
BLACKFIRE Leather Conditioner penetrates deep into your leather for a conditioned, but not greasy, finish.
To resist perspiration, salt, skin oil, and lotion stains, our chemist selected a co-polymer recently developed by Dow Corning. This co-polymer cross-links with itself to provide a blanket of protection on top of the leather. It blocks moisture yet still allows air flow through the coating to facilitate heat dissipation. For UV protection, BLACKFIRE’s chemist went all the way to Switzerland to CIBA, the maker of TINUVIN 5151. The result is a product that offers the best in leather protection and is also non-greasy, dries almost on contact to a matte finish, and isn't slippery.

To pack the maximum amount of conditioning oils, protective polymers and UV-absorbers in the formula, it had to be a rich cream. BLACKFIRE Leather Conditioner is like applying a moisturizing lotion to your leather seats.



For best results using, thoroughly clean surface first using BlACKFIRE Interior Cleaner. Apply a dime-size amount of BLACKFIRE Leather Conditioner onto a foam or microfiber applicator and thoroughly massage into the leather. Allow lotion to penetrate for several seconds. Then lightly buff with a microfiber towel to remove any excess.

This product is not recommended on perforated leathers as it could clog the pores. Do not use on napped leathers such as suede.

32 oz.

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