BLACKFIRE Tornador Air Foamer HP

BLACKFIRE Tornador Air Foamer HP
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Product Description

The Blackfire Tornado Air Foamer HP turns your favorite car shampoo or cleaner into a super-thick, long-lasting foam! This air-driven foam gun works with your air compressor to produce frothy, rich foam that has amazing cling. Best of all, the Blackfire Air Foamer HP foam gun can be used for interior or exterior detailing.

When washing the outside of your car, attach the Blackfire Air Foamer HP to an air compressor producing 60-90 PSI of pressure. Spray your vehicle in a layer of frothy foam that will encapsulate the gritty and grime. If your car is lightly soiled, agitate the soapy froth with a soft wash mitt and rinse clean. If you car is extremely dirt, use the foam as a pre-rinse to reduce scratching during normal washing.

If you are shampooing the inside of your vehicle, the Blackfire Air Foamer HP can be used with your favorite shampoo to create a rich, frothy foam the brings soil and grime to the surface.

The Blackfire Air Foamer HP includes two nozzle attachments for a wide or narrow spray pattern.

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