BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner Duo Pack

BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner Duo Pack
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Product Description

BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner brings new meaning to the word "versatile." Used full-strength, it is an aggressive, grease-cutting cleaner for engine compartments and wheels. When diluted 4:1, it's a gentle cleaner for leather seats and paintwork. Dilute BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner to clean virtually anything, safely and effectively. It's the only APC you need!

Think of all the materials that make up your vehicle: metal, plastics, rubber, vinyl, leather. Now think of all the different cleaners available for each surface. There are a lot, right? You could try them all or you could buy one bottle of BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner. It works on all those surfaces and you have the power to adjust the dilution ratio as needed.

BLACKFIRE APC All Purpose Cleaner can be used on for pretty much anything! BLACKFIRE APC All Purpose Cleaner can be used on for pretty much anything!
BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner has an unlimited amount of uses - tires, undercarriages, and in this case, your floor liners!

How can one cleaner work on greasy engine parts and on leather upholstery? BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner is made with advanced, proprietary cleaning technology that is safe on your vehicle's delicate surfaces and safe for the environment.

Use BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner full strength as a bug and tar remover for paintwork, metal, and glass. Degrease the engine compartment and remove stubborn brake dust from wheels and wheel wells. For general cleaning, dilute BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner 4:1 with water to clean the dashboard, door panels, and trim. Remove spots and spills from finished leather seats. Clean plastics and paint.  BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner is excellent on boats and RVs, too. BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner is the only cleaner you need, no matter what you're cleaning.



For tough cleaning jobs, spray full strength onto surface. Agitate with a brush or towel if needed. Rinse off. For interior surfaces, dilute 4:1 in a spray bottle. Spray on and wipe off. Test for colorfastness of carpet, upholstery, and leather in a small, inconspicuous area. Spray on and allow to dwell for 30 seconds. Agitate with a brush and pat dry with a towel.

32 oz.