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6 inch Hook & Loop Rotary Flexible Backing Plate

6 inch Hook & Loop Rotary Flexible Backing Plate
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Product Description

Perfect for 6.5 inch and larger polishing pads!
Velcro brand hook & loop ensures complete seating of polishing pad
Molded urethane construction contours to body panels
Fits all standard threaded rotary polishers.

The 6 Inch Flexible Rotary Blacking Plate by Lake Country sets the standard in low-profile rotary backing plates for medium-to-large sized pads. A high-quality, multi-piece construction ensures that these backing plates are long lasting. The steel threads are sunk into a rugged plastic core which is surrounded by a low profile molded urethane. A Velcro brand hook & loop allows for easy pad changes.

The 6 Inch Flexible Rotary Blacking Plate by Lake Country features a Velcro brand hook & loop backing runs the full length of the backing plate giving your polishing pad a large surface to adhere to. The Velcro is attached to the backing pad with a specially designed, temperature-resistant glue that withstands the high heat created by polishing.

Additionally, the 6 Inch Flexible Rotary Backing Plates are made from a mutli-piece construction, with each part serving a purpose. The standard steel thread is sunk into a rugged, temperature-resistant core. A molded low-profile urethane surrounds the core to create a flexible, yet stiff surface that allows your pads to mold to body contours. The result is complete control of your polishing pad, regardless of the complexity of the body design.

Use the 6 Inch Flexible Rotary Blacking Plate to mount 6.5 inch or large pads including CCS 6.5 Inch Pads, Flat 6.5 Inch Pads, Hydro-Tech 6.5 Inch Pads, CCS Curved Edge 7.5 Inch Pads, and more.