Speed Master Wax Applicator

Speed Master Wax Applicator
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Product Description

Get an even coat of wax every time! The Speed Master Wax Applicator will quickly become one of the most important tools in your detailing arsenal if you prefer waxes or sealants! The sturdy and absorbent foam construction of the Speed Master Wax Applicator ensures that your wax or sealant is applied as evenly as possible, which is extremely important for consistent results! You can also wash your Speed Master Wax Applicator to make sure it is perfectly clean each time you use it! And the fact that the Speed Master Wax Applicator is such an inexpensive tool, you won't have to worry about wasting too much money if (and that is a BIG "if") it ever gets too damaged to use! Stop applying your luxury wax or sealant with a washcloth and start getting even and consistent results every time with the Speed Master Wax Applicator!

In the world of detailing, there are many expensive and complicated tools and applicators that are needed to get the results you want. But in this world of pricey accessories, you shouldn't overlook the simple and inexpensive tools. Sometimes the best results can be achieved with the simplest of tools! The Speed Master Wax Applicator is the perfect example of this! It's inexpensive, simple in design, yet one of the most reliable and consistent applicators you'll ever use! When you are applying a product to your car, be it a wax, sealant, tire dressing, etc., the most important factor in your results is how evenly it is applied. If it is not applied evenly, then the surface will look wavy rather than smooth and glossy. The key to even application is using an applicator that will absorb enough of the product to make sure the applicator stays "wet" and doesn't start dry rubbing on the surface. The professional-grade foam that makes up the Speed Master Wax Applicator will easily soak up the product, maxing sure it stay "wet" enough to give you the results you want! But just because the Speed Master Wax Applicator is absorbent, doesn't mean it is going to turn into a soggy wet lump the moment you start waxing! The foam has a sturdy enough construction to not lose its structure as soon as it absorbs the product. This is the second factor that will ensure better results! By retaining its structure, the Speed Master Wax Applicator won't start to bunch up on you, leaving ripples and you work! The Speed Master Wax Applicator is even washable, allowing you to use it longer than you would expect! However, if you ever accidently drop it on the ground or if it gets some debris on it, you won't have to worry about wasting a ton of money by throwing it out and getting a fresh one! Stop applying your luxury waxes with a subpar applicator, get the Speed Master Wax Applicator!