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Rupes Bigfoot Nano iBrid Short Neck Kit FREE SHIPPING!

Rupes Bigfoot Nano iBrid Short Neck Kit <b>FREE SHIPPING!</b>
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Product Description

Capable of perfecting any painted surface!

Rupes is one of the largest names in the detailing industry. The machines that they have developed have forever changed the standard of machine polishers. The Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid is the latest innovative machine polisher that Rupes has developed. The Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid is a battery powered micro-polisher capable of polishing surfaces as small as 1 inch. The Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid will ensure that no surface of paint on your car, motorcycle, or boat goes unpolished!

The Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid is can function as two entirely separate machines at the flick of a switch. The Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid can either be used as a 3mm rotary polisher or a 12mm random orbital polisher. This feature will allow you to switch your polishing method to achieve a perfect finish no matter what surface you are polishing.

The Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid can be used with pads as small as 1 inch, which allows you to polish incredibly difficult areas. Areas such as your trim, your grill, your exhaust pipe, and your rims can now all be polished effectively with the Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid. There are even brush attachments available for the Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid that will allow you to scrub grime and dirt from even the most recessed area of your vehicle.

The Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid can be operated entirely via battery power. The Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid comes with two lithium ion batteries that allow you to power the machine without being chained to the wall by a cord. The lack of a cord ensures that you will be able to effectively reach those deep, recessed areas of your engine bay without worrying about the cord getting in the way. The batteries are capable of running the Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid at full power for over 30 minutes. With only a 22-24-minute charge time, you will never be without a full charged battery at the ready. Just on the off chance you find yourself with both of your lithium ion batteries dead, you can still plug the Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid into the wall and polish away.

The Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid, long-neck or short-neck, is available exclusively in this money-saving kit that includes everything you need to use your Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid to the fullest!

The Rupes Bigfoot Nano iBrid Short Neck Kit includes:
iBrid Nano Short neck
BIGFOOT Premium Tool Case
1-1/4 inch backing plate
2 inch backing plate
Rotary connector
3 mm orbit connector
12 mm orbit connector
AC-DC adapter
2 Rechargeable power pack
6 Buffing foam pads COARSE 1-1/4"
6 Buffing foam pads FINE 1-1/4"
4 Buffing foam pads COARSE 2"
4 Buffing foam pads FINE 2"
ZEPHIR polishing compound 150 ml COARSE
KERAMIK polishing compound 150 ml FINE
Microfiber towel
Cylinder brush

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