How Detailers Prep for a Road Trip

Summer is just around the corner, meaning it is time for a vacation! With changes in travel from 2020, road trips are becoming more and more popular than ever before. So before packing up your clothes, picking some snacks and choosing an epic road trip playlist, think about how a detailer would prepare this vehicle for road trip and do the same. Need some help knowing exactly what detailers would to keep their car look show-car ready for a road trip? We got you covered!


Before you leave on your trip, give your car a nice sudsy wash with BLACKFIRE Wash & Wax, maybe even with a little extra foam with with BLACKFIRE Foam Booster . This will not only clean your car before you hit the road, but it will also provide a little bit of extra protection with its added wax factor. The foamy, soapy suds will help make the wash more enjoyable and for less chance of marring.

Next, give your car a layer of protection the environmental contaminants and the sun's UV rays, that you are going to encounter 100% off the time during your trip. Since you are planning for a whole vacation, you may not have the time to fully hand wax your car. In this case, it is easier for you and on the clock, but just as effective to use a spray wax like BLACKFIRE Carnauba Spray Wax. BLACKFIRE Carnauba Spray Wax gives your vehicle the rich, reflective shine of Midnight Sun Ivory Carnauba Paste in an easy-to-use spray application. Refined and purified “Ivory” carnauba wax has been synthesized with BLACKFIRE's proprietary Wet Diamond polymers into a streak-free spray. Plus, it will add a durable layer of protection to protect against environmental contaminants.

Being on the highway or on the backroads, especially during summer, it is more than guaranteed your car will be covered with dead bugs, which no one wants. To prevent this from happening use BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker . BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker is a temporary shield that provides your paint enhanced protection from insect remains. It will not only shield your paint from the insects but will even neutralize the acids in their bodily fluids, preventing them from corroding through your clear coat! Once your car is no longer at risk of bug bombardment, you can simply rinse or wash BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker (AND THE BUGS!) right off your car! BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker is safe to use on all plastic, chrome, glass, and paint.

Don't forget about your glass you! In order for a safe trip, you need to be able to see through your windshield and windows more than anything. Use BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner to get crystal clear glass without streaking. This cleaner cuts through gunk, even smoker's film!

Protect your trim from cracking and fading from constantly being under direct sunlight with BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant . BLACKFIRE Tire & Trim Sealant makes dull trim a thing of the past with its thick, penetrating formula. This unique formulation will actually penetrate the pores in your vehicle’s plastic, rubber, and vinyl exterior trim making it look as good as new! It dries to the touch and can be used on moldings, bumpers, air vents, wiper cowls, louvers, wiper arms, side mirror housings, mud guards, bed rails, door handles, and more. The formula’s UV inhibitors will prevent sun damage.


You are going to be spending all of your time while driving, actually in the car, so it's important that it's enjoyable for everyone who has to ride in it. With all the smells from people, food and maybe even some BO… you can make it smell like a nice, fresh smelling campfire with BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator .

Next, clean the interior with the BLACKFIRE Interior Cleaner . Is a versatile, water-based cleaner for fabrics, carpet, plastic, metal, and wood! It is designed to be both gentle and effective, and it contains no harmful ingredients. BLACKFIRE Interior Cleaner will safely and effectively clean all of these surfaces: leather, vinyl, wood, carpet, fabric, metal and plastic surfaces. If you have a leather interior, you can clean and protect it with BLACKFIRE Leather Complete.


If you are worried about keeping your car looking great while you are on your trip, have no fear! There are a lot of products that you can take with you to be used on the go. Use BLACKFIRE Waterless Wash to easily and quickly give you car a quick wash. BLACKFIRE Bug Remover to remove any bug guts that somehow made its way to your surface. BLACKFIRE Coating Booster or BLACKFIRE Instant Detailer to quickly and easily enhance the overall look of your exterior paint and use BLACKFIRE APC to clean a variety of interior surfaces.


Before embarking on any road trip, make sure the bells and whistles of your vehicle are in good shape as well. You want it look great, but you want to make sure it drives well and keeps you and everyone else inside it, safe. Be sure to maintain your tires by checking air pressure and doing any necessary replacements or rotation, as well as, checking all your fluids, such as; oil, transmission, power steering, brake, coolant and windshield wipers.