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Lake Country Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pads

Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pads by Lake Country Mfg. give you the ability to remove swirl marks and moderate paint defects quickly while leaving a high-gloss finish. Lake Country Mfg. has been manufacturing polishing pads for more than 3 decades. This experience is evident in the design of the each Lake Country Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pad. They are the only microfiber pads designed specifically to take full advantage of the different style of machine polishers used today.

The Ultra-Fiber Pads feature a densely knit, long pile Ultra-Fiber material that is responsible for the fast polishing action. This high quality microfiber material has been carefully selected to run smooth, run cool, and leave a superior, haze-free finish on all paint systems. The Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pads can be used on factory paints, refinished paints, custom paints, single stage enamels, antique lacquers and even gel-coat coat finishes.

There are two different styles of Ultra-Fiber Pads: One for rotary polisher application and another for dual action polisher application. Lake Country Mfg. Carefully studied the affect of each machine's polishing action and crafted pads specifically designed to allow each machine to perform at its potential. Each style of pad is made with the latest advancement in core lamination technology for incredible durability.

Ultra-Fiber Pads are the result of carefully tailored design, experience, and the highest quality microfiber material. The Ultra-Fiber Pad is truly one pad for all polishing situations, from compounding to high-gloss polishing. Experience the difference experience makes, each time you arm your polisher with a Lake Country Ultra-Fiber Microfiber pad