How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

'Should I wash my car?' is probably the question most drivers ask themselves when they look at their cars, let alone when detailers look at a car. You're only supposed to wash your hair every other day, so what is the equivalent for your car?

Well, technically, that depends on a few factors.

The Factors

Location: Where do you live? What's your weather like? What are your roads like? If you live close to the beach, it's more than likely your surface will be affected by the salty, sea air. If you live in the snowy places, another type of salt, road salt is your enemy. If you live somewhere where there is more rain than not, water drops, and acid rain could be an issue. If you live in the mountains, desert or other more rural areas, your roads may have more dust and dirt, whereas city and suburban drivers will have more brake dust and other pollution contaminants. No matter where you live, you're really not safe from contaminants… so get washing!

Where you keep the car: Depending where you keep your car can change how often you need to wash your car. If you keep your car in a nice and clean, well ventilated garage, it's safe to say your car is pretty safe from contaminants when it's not in use. However, most of us don't have this luxury. Even when in a garage, a lot of garages are still prone to dust. Most people keep their vehicles outside. So, these cars, trucks and SUV's are more prone to being harmed by pollution, UV rays, water drops from rain and sprinklers, bird droppings, tree sap and more. In this case, these cars that are outside 24/7 would need the most attention.

How often the car is used: How often you use the car is another important factor. Is it typically sitting in your garage waiting for the special occasion, trip, car show or date night? If so, then this car doesn't need to be washed as often since it is rarely hitting the road. Still, it should still be properly taken care of and not forgotten about. Or, is your car your daily driver, meaning it travels the road every day. It takes you to work, the kids to school, it takes you food shopping and everything else in between. If so, this car needs to properly washed and maintained far more often.

The Right Way to Wash

Start with the wheels and tires, then wash the car itself starting from the top to bottom. It's also best to use a grit guard when washing the traditional way, that way the contaminants stay below it and the clean water above it. If you can, it's even better to have two buckets and two grit guards, one for clean water and one for the contaminated water.

What You Will Need

Depending on the way you plan on washing your car, there are different tools you would need. Here is what would work best.

Waterless Wash Get yourself some BLACKFIRE Waterless Wash and a bunch for of microfiber towels like Cobra Gold Plush Jr. Microfiber Towel , and yes, we mean a bunch. But that's it, that's all you need!

Rinseless Wash For this wash you are going to need
BLACKFIRE Rinseless Wash , a bucket with a grit guard, like in this kit BLACKFIRE Wash System with Dolly , a wash mitt like the Supreme Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt and finally a bunch of absorbent microfiber towels like the The Guzzler Waffle Weave Towel by Cobra

Traditional Wash For this wash, you want to use the same items in the rinseless, minus the main Wolfgang product. Instead use the
BLACKFIRE Car Wash or the BLACKFIRE Wash & Wax. You may also want an additional bucket and grit guard. Plus, you could add some wheel brushes into the mix like the Speed Master Wheel Brush and the Short Handle Tire & Wheel Brush..

Final Answer

Ideally, it is best to wash your vehicle every two weeks. Some people may do it more, some less, but nonetheless, make sure you keep your vehicle properly maintained before completing any further detailing step.