Griot's Garage Polisher Kits

If you are looking to invest in a brand new Griot's Garage polisher, but don't know what else you'll need to go with it, looking no further! We have put together some kits that contain everything you'll need to quit polishing by hand and step your detailing game up to the next level! And better yet, you'll even save some money in the process! That's right, all of our Griot's Garage polisher kits are priced to cost less than the combined retail price of their contents!

Regular Price:$254.90Our Price:$209.99
Regular Price:$243.91Our Price:$199.99
Regular Price:$246.90Our Price:$199.99
Regular Price:$265.89Our Price:$209.99
Regular Price:$380.87Our Price:$319.99
Regular Price:$201.89Our Price:$154.99