Universal Dispenser Pump

Universal Dispenser Pump
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Product Description

Equip half gallon and gallon sized refills of your favorite car care products with the Universal Dispenser Pump! The pump is more convenient and less messy than pouring chemicals into a smaller bottle from a half gallon or gallon sized container. The Universal Dispenser Pump works great with all car care products including liquid waxes, tire dressings, shampoos, and more! The Universal Dispenser Pump dispenses 1 ounce of liquid per stroke so itís perfect for precise measurements of your favorite car shampoo or liquid wax. Whether you purchase products in bulk or are in dire need of an easier way to dispense your car care chemicals, the Universal Dispenser Pump is a must-have in your detailing arsenal. The Universal Dispenser Pump is constructed of heavy-duty polypropylene with an 11 inch dip tube and stainless steel springs.

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