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Chinchilla Microfiber Buffing Cloths, 3 pack 16x16 FREE over $125

Chinchilla Microfiber Buffing Cloths, 3 pack 16x16 <font color=red>FREE over $125</font>
Item #:FREE-MF-600GSM-3
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Product Description

3 Pack Chinchilla Microfiber Buffing Cloths:

The Chinchilla Microfiber Buffing Cloth will become a fast favorite in your detailing arsenal. It's soft enough to earn the name, Chinchilla! This thick, plush towel is made of dense 600 g/m microfiber with a deep pile surrounded with a red cloth border. Use the Chinchilla Microfiber BuffingCloth with quick detailers, waterless washes, spray waxes, and for dusting.

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