Cyclo Orbital Polisher

Cyclo Orbital Polisher
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The Cyclo Orbital Polisher is the only polisher with two orbital polishing heads! The Cyclo is always balanced and VES eliminates virtually all vibration so you can work longer with less arm fatigue. Originally patented in 1953, the Cyclo Orbital Polisher has been used to polish the U.S. military's aircraft and the Air Force One Fleet. Today, many 50-year-old Cyclos are still in use!

Cyclo's two polishing heads mimic hand polishing, only faster and more consistent. The Cyclo is expertly machined, manually polished, and hand-fitted to ensure longevity. Every part of the polisher is serviceable and replaceable.

Vibration Elimination System

The Vibration Elimination System is only found on Cyclo polishers. A pre-installed counterweight on the polisher balances the weight of precision-matched, weighted inserts. Different weighted inserts correspond to different Cyclo attachments.

Prior to this innovation the Cyclo Model 5 polisher imparted only about one-tenth the vibration of traditional rotary and dual action polishers. With the introduction of the new Cyclo VES, the amount of vibration is reduced even further and nearly eliminated.

Two Yellow VES Weighted Inserts are included with this machine. These inserts are precision-matched to use with Cyclo Premium Pads.

The Cyclo Orbital Polisher rests on two "feet" so it's always perfectly balanced. The heads rest flatly on the surface of your vehicle so there is no danger of nicking the paint with the edge of a backing plate. The Cyclo Polisher is able to cover more ground than a single-head polisher.

The Cyclo Polisher has an accessory for every purpose. Quality pads and bonnets make the Cyclo Polisher perfect for compounding, polishing, waxing, and glazing.


  • 115 Volts
  • 60 Hertz
  • 220 Watts
  • Motor: alternating current, semi-enclosed 24-bar commutator
  • Speed: 3000orbits/minute
  • Output: 1/3 H.P. (.25 Kw)
  • Weight:6.5 lb. (2.9 kg)
  • Head Rotation/Diameter:clockwise/4"
  • Electric Cord: 6' length
  • Housing: heavy-duty cast aluminum, double insulated.

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