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Cyclo Double Precision Foam Pads, 4 inches

Cyclo DoublePrecision 4 inch Pads are the only double-sided pads available for the Cyclo Orbital Polisher! These foam and wool pads reduce vibration, are self-centering, and each pad gives you two usable sides. Brilliant!

Features of DoublePrecision Pads:

Vibration is virtually eliminated! The DoublePrecision Pads sit closer to the buffer housing than the regular Cyclo pads, with no wobbly components between the pads and the polisher. The center adapter holds each pad perfectly level, regardless of the motion of the buffer.

Minimal risk of striking the paint. With no external backing plate, the DoublePrecision Pads can cut in close to vertical panels.

Double-Sided. Because these pads use a center adapter, rather than a hook & loop backing plate, they have two usable sides of foam.

The Quick Change System. The Quick Change Adapter is a solid-brass center post that screws into your buffer and allows you to snap pads off and on in seconds.

A tough plastic internal plate allows the DoublePrecision pads to keep their shape. Unlike conventional foam pads that become warped easily, The Cyclo 4 inch DoublePrecision Pads retain their shape thanks to a plastic plate in the center of the foam. This plate also holds the Quick Change Adapter in place and keeps the pad centered at all times. A full inch of foam on each side of the plate keeps it well protected against contact with the paint.

DoublePrecision Pads are available in foam and wool varieties:

Yellow Double-sided Cutting Pad - The yellow cutting pad is intended for more aggressive swirl and scratch removal. It is made of dense foam and will work well with compounds and advanced swirl removers.

Orange Double-sided Light Cutting Pad - The orange pad is the all-around swirl remover, polisher, and paint deoxidizer. Made of high density foam, this pad will correct most mild to moderate paint imperfections and polish metal and chrome.

Green Double-sided Polishing Pad - The green pad is more aggressive than the white pad. It has a mild cut for gentle polishing with a prewax cleaner or cleaner wax.

White Double-sided Finishing Pad - The white pad is Cyclo’s softest pad. It is intended for final buffing and wax application. It will render a glossy shine without polishing. This pad has no cut.

Blue Finishing 70% Acrylic, 30% Wool Pad - Use the blue pad for general polishing and gloss-enhancement. The blue pad can be used with any finishing polish to bring out a fine luster on any finish.

Yellow Medium Cut 50% Wool, 50% Wool Acrylic Pad - The yellow wool pad is moderately aggressive. It removes swirls and moderate scratches, and reduces significant pits and deeper scratches. Use a swirl remover with the yellow pad when aggressive cutting is not needed.

Use the Cyclo Quick Connect Adapters to attach DoublePrecision Pads to your Cyclo polisher.

Pads sold individually.