How to Clean Your Car's Grille

Cleaning the grille of your car is likely the task that you procrastinate doing the most. Your grille is always littered with a plethora of contaminants, bug guts, road grime, iron particles, and maybe even a couple dead birds if you are really unlucky. It only makes sense that your grille would be so dirty since it is always taking the brunt on the damage as you are driving your car. The real issue is that not only is it the dirtiest part of your car, but it is also one of the hardest parts to clean! There are so many small niches and crannies that you would have to spend nearly an hour cleaning all the dirt out of every crevice! Luckily, we've got a few tricks that can help you spend less time on your grille and more time behind your grill!

You will want to start off by using an iron remover like BLACKFIRE Iron Remover to dissolves and get rid of any embedded iron particles that may have been picked up by your grille while you were driving. You will notice the surface will start to "bleed" as the active ingredients in BLACKFIRE Iron Remover bond with the iron particles and dissolve them. Just give the grille a good rinse after you've given BLACKFIRE Iron Remover about 5 minutes to work it's magic.

By far the most time-consuming part about cleaning your grille is having to scrub away at each and every slot to get rid of all the caked-on contamination. Sometimes it takes some serious scrubbing power to get the dirt, mud, and road grime off, so having to keep that consistent scrubbing power across the entirety of every small little slot in your grille is maddening! But here is a little trick that will save you time, exhaustion, and a lot of cramped hand muscles!

First thing you'll need is a standard power drill. We are sure most of you have one lying around in your garage. However, if you don't, they are fairly inexpensive to get at your local hardware store. Make sure that it is a standard drill driver with a chuck that you twist closed around the bit. The reason you will need this specific type of drill is because we won't be using a standard drill bit in it.

Instead, we are going to be using the smallest tool in the Speed Master 3 Piece Wheel Detail Kit! This small brush will easily fit into the chuck of your drill! Once you've got it in there, just tighten the chuck and give it a few test spins to make sure that you've got it tightened enough.

Attach a wheel woolie to a powered screw driver Attach a wheel woolie to a powered screw driver Use the wheel woolie to get into the hard to reach places of the grille

Now you won't have to worry about scrubbing for hours, you can let the drill do all the work! This wool fiber head of the Speed Master Detail Tool is safe for a wide variety of surfaces, including wheels, spokes, exhaust pipes, and yes GRILLES! This tool, combined with the rotation of your drill, will generate enough scrubbing power to completely eliminate any dirt, road grime, or contaminants from your grille in seconds!

You can use any cleaner you prefer to clean your grille, however, let us recommend some to those who don't:

If you clean your grille regularly and it isn't in too rough of shape, you can probably get away with using a fairly moderately aggressive cleaner like BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner. This product will be able to cut through the road grime and dirt that is caked on your grille and you won't have to worry about any damage to your grille if it's plastic.

If your grille has it's very own bug collection, and you need something capable of getting rid of those corrosive bug remains, Blackfire Bug Remover will make quick work of them! Once those pests are gone, you can clean it with whatever mild cleaner you see fit!

If you have a metal grille and you want to give it some tender love and care, you can use BLACKFIRE Metal Polish to restore it to its once radiant luster while also correcting some of those imperfections along the way!

We hope you have a fun time using this revolutionary method to cutting your grille cleaning time to fractions!