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Paintwork Clay Pad Applicator

Paintwork Clay Pad Applicator
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Product Description

The Paintwork Clay Pad Applicator is a foam buffing pad with a cut-out area for detailing clay. The pad itself is a high density white foam polishing pad. As you clay your vehicle, the foam gently polishes your paint to an attractive gloss as the clay pulls out embedded contaminants. The foam is not abrasive and, on top of your clay lubricant, it will enhance the glassy smooth texture created by the clay.

The Paintwork Clay Pad is 6 wide and requires a 6 backing plate. If you use a smaller plate, you will press the clay against the paint, but not the foam.

The pad accommodates a 6 oz. to 8 oz. clay bar. Always keep the clay and pad well lubricated with a clay lubricant.


  1. To use the Paintwork Clay Pad, shape a 6-8 oz. clay bar into a round patty and place it in the middle of the pad. The compartment is slightly tacky so the clay will stay in place.
  2. Mist the pad and clay generously with a clay lubricant.
  3. Place the pad onto your paint and turn your polisher on. Start at a slow speed. If using a Porter Cable 7424XP, set it on 3.
  4. Move your pad up and down and back and forth over a 2 square foot area, applying enough pressure to flatten the foam so the clay is in contact with your paint.
  5. When the clay moves freely, lighten up on the pad so that just the foam is touching your paint. Polish the area lightly and then wipe off any clay residue.