California Duster Combo

California Duster Combo
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With the California Duster Combo you receive the two most popular car dusters in the world! The Original Car Duster and The Mini Dash Duster. With the combo kit you will receive both products at a price that reflects a 10% savings. Here area few reasons why California Car Dusters are the best:

Wax On, Dust Off: Both dusters are treated with paraffin wax; it is baked onto the 100% cotton strands of the mop head. This process allows each thread to lift and trap dust with magnetic precision. With each stroke you are removing dust faster than any other dusting product in the industry, and there is no residue left behind to clean up.

Versatility: In addition to exterior and interior car use, your dusters will work like magic on any surface that collects dust, lint, pollen, pet hair, and dirt. Both products work wonders when you’re on the go and need to quickly restore your car’s luster and shine.

Here’s what you will be getting:

The Original California Duster
The duster that started it all comes complete with a generously sized mop head and 26” turned wood handle. Brush away dust, dirt, and pollen then shake out the trapped particles for repeated use. This product is perfect for the person on the go, as it will give your car, truck, or boat that “just washed” look in minutes. The California Duster is the only choice when you want that polished, showroom look in a jiffy. This product is lightweight and compact, and comes with a handy carrying case.

The California Mini Dash Duster
The mini duster features a compact mop head and sturdy 14” plastic handle, convenient for small surfaces, nooks, and crannies. The Mini Dash Duster is the perfect dusting tool for car interiors, as well as home appliances, blinds, cabinets, and much more. We recommend you also use this little gem for pet hair on seat cushions and home furniture. Your Mini Dash Duster will arrive complete with a handy carrying case.

Easy Storage and Cleaning: Both dusters are equipped with handy storage cases.

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