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BLACKFIRE Fine Cut Aluminum Polish

BLACKFIRE Fine Cut Aluminum Polish is step two of the BLACKFIRE Metal Polishing System. It removes minor oxidation, haze, light blemishes and it restores a brilliant shine on bare metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, magnesium and blended metals. BLACKFIRE Fine Cut Aluminum Polish quickly shines chrome and restores a like-new finish on stainless steel. It's the ultimate polish for bare metals!  It is excellent as a one-step metal cleaner on near-perfect finishes.

This is an ammonia-based paste, combined with jewelers rouge and very fine diminishing-abrasives. BLACKFIRE Fine Cut Aluminum Polish is formulated to stick to vertical surfaces to make polishing large panels quick and easy.

In some cases, you may need to use a pre-polish to get the maximum shine. If the metal is slightly tarnished, just starting to oxidize or has very fine blemishes, BLACKFIRE Fine Cut Aluminum Polish will easily remove the oxidation and tarnish to create a bright, chrome-like shine. If the metal is quite dull and chalky from years of weathering or severely pitted or water-stained, you should pre-polish first with BLACKFIRE Heavy Cut Aluminum Polish.

NOTE: Always test the metal first with Fine Cut Aluminum Polish. Once you use Heavy Cut Aluminum Compound you are committed to doing the entire surface. You cannot spot-polish metal with a heavy cut polish. Once you use a heavy cut metal polish, the polished area will always have a different gloss characteristic so you must continue polishing the entire area for a uniform shine.

Blackfire Fine Aluminum PolishDirections:

For maximum refinement, apply BLACKFIRE Fine Cut Aluminum Polish with an Acrylic Wool polishing pad. Apply the polish directly to the metal surface with an applicator pad. Then polish using firm pressure at 1,200 rpm. Work a 2-3 sq. ft. section at a time. The polish will first turn black. Wipe off residue and inspect when compound begins to turn clear. Wipe of residues with a microfiber towel. If defects still remain, use BLACKFIRE Heavy Cut Aluminum Polish and then BLACKFIRE Fine Cut Aluminum Polish.

BLACKFIRE Fine Cut Aluminum polish can also be applied with a dual-action orbital polisher. Follow the instructions above but use maximum speed (speed 6) and firm pressure. The results will take longer to achieve. For more gloss, finish with BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Aluminum Show Polish.

Metal refinishing is messy work. Wear appropriate clothing and eye protection. Clean the pad frequently for best results.

16 oz.