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BLACKFIRE Clay Cleaner & Extender

BLACKFIRE Clay Cleaner & Extender
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Product Description

BLACKFIRE Clay Cleaner & Extender is a revolutionary cleanser that saves your clay bar and saves you money! It allows you to clean the majority of debris off the clay bar to extend its usable life. Special surfactants in this product deep clean the surface of the clay without drying or damaging the clay. By cleaning the detailing clay, you can use the same bar longer without jeopardizing your paint finish. BLACKFIRE Clay Cleaner & Extender adds value to your detailing clay!

Blackfire Clay Cleaner & Extender
BLACKFIRE Clay Cleaner & Extender cleans detailing clay to make each bar last longer!
All clay bars have the same application procedure. Mist the surface to be cleaned with lubricant and lightly massage the clay bar over the surface until it glides freely. When the bar becomes soiled, stretch and refold it to expose a clean surface. When the bar becomes soiled enough that stretching and refolding no longer exposes a clean surface, you are supposed to discard the clay bar.

Do you see the problem here? You're folding all the removed grime and contamination back into the bar! The chemists at Blackfire created BLACKFIRE Clay Cleaner & Extender to  remove the majority of grime and contamination on the bar before it is folded to keep the bar cleaner, longer.  Instead mist it with BLACKFIRE Clay Cleaner & Extender, massage it in the palm of your hand as you would a bar of soap and rinse with tap water, a garden hose or simply swish it in a bucket of water. Look at the difference! 95 to 98% of the grime has been removed! Now stretch and refold the bar and continue claying.

When you've finished claying, clean and rinse the bar one last time and store it in the clay's original container. The clay bar will stay moist and pliable. BLACKFIRE Clay Cleaner & Extender was developed for Blackfire's PolyClay but it works equally well with clay bars by other manufacturers. Instead of cleaning 3 or 4 cars per bar, you should be able to clean 10, 12 or more vehicles per bar! BLACKFIRE Clay Cleaner & Extender equals value.



Follow clay manufacturer’s application instructions and always use clay bars with an approved clay lubricant. Do not fold or store soiled clay bars. When clay bar becomes soiled from normal use, spray with Clay Cleaner & Extender and massage bar of clay in the palm of your hands as you would a bar of soap. Rinse thoroughly with water to remove soil and contamination. When finished cleaning, spray clay bar with approved lubricant and store in container until further use.

20 oz.

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