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Hands-off car drying made easy!

The BLACKFIRE Car Dryer is bound to be one of the most life-changing tools in your detailing arsenal. Not only will the BLACKFIRE Car Dryer save you a massive amount of time compared to standard towel-drying, it will also do a much better job as well! Air can fit into much more niche areas that a towel or your hand never could. Areas like the grille, between doors, and around emblems will all be expertly dried with the BLACKFIRE Car Dryer. The 6.5 HP motor gives you plenty of power to blow water off and out of any surface or nook! The 35 ft. cord and 6 ft. hose will make sure you are plenty mobile while drying. The BLACKFIRE Car Dryer lets you dry your paint smarter, not harder!

We all know about important it is to dry your car after washing it, especially if your water is particularly “hard”. When water is allowed to dry on the surface, the liquid itself evaporates, but the minerals in the water simply dry on the surface and can cause permanent etching and damage. The trick to avoiding this “spotty” situation is by removing that water before it can dry! Now you could use multiple drying towels and spend a good 45 minutes going into each nook and cranny manually – or you can use the BLACKFIRE Car Dryer!

Drying your car has never been easier with the BLACKFIRE Car Dryer! Water is quickly blown off the surface before drying, leaving no chance of water spots or etching!

Featuring a 6.5 peak HP motor, the BLACKFIRE Car Dryer blasts water from your vehicle’s surfaces with no touching required! And you know what they say, “the more you touch, the more likely you are to mar” – the BLACKFIRE Car Dryer prevents this! Using the rubber attachment makes for an even safer drying experience – if you accidentally touch the paint, no scratching or marring should occur!

The BLACKFIRE Car Dryer features 3 separate tools that attach to the handy hose handle grip and further your drying abilities. Do you have a tight area that requires a more concentrated air flow? Attach the exclusive crevice tool and blast that water out! In addition to your extra attachments, the BLACKFIRE Car Dryer also comes with a secure shoulder strap for enhanced (and easier!) mobility.

Use the BLACKFIRE Car Dryer to blast water out of the small nooks and crannies of emblems and grilles!

BLACKFIRE Car Dryer features:
6.5 Peak HP, Single-stage motor
120V ~ 60 Hz. 12A
• 6’ (1.8 m) x 2 ½” (6.4 cm) Locking hose
• Hose handle grip
• Soft vinyl concentrator nozzle
• Crevice tool
• Blower Nozzle
• Plastic adjustable clamp
• Shoulder strap
1 year warranty
Made in the USA

Detailing your car is already an exhausting task (but so worth it!), but using the BLACKFIRE Car Dryer during your drying step not only makes the task easier and more enjoyable, but also ensure your surface is completely clean and ready for anything!

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