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BLACKFIRE Car Care Products produce excellent results based on a simple concept synergistic compatibility. All BLACKFIRE Car Care Products have been carefully engineered to work together to give you extreme performance with the ultimate in ease of use. This page features our popular BLACKFIRE Car Care Kits, each as carefully engineered as the products themselves, to give you the ultimate in car care performance.

Some car care products create a nice shine that may turn some heads. BLACKFIRE's shine creates whiplash. BLACKFIRE's premium paint protection products, including their paste waxes, liquid sealants and spray products, all feature the revolutionary Wet Diamond Tri-Polymer System. This highly advanced technology is carried over into the line of soaps, cleaners, and detail sprays, so each application creates a more intense shine.

BLACKFIRE Car Care Kits are a great way to treat your vehicle at a price you deserve. Each kit has been carefully selected to give you the best value with the products you need. Create Whiplash with BLACKFIRE, save money with a BLACKFIRE Car Care Kit!

Kit Spotlight: BLACKFIRE Wet-Ice over Fire Total Kit

BLACKFIRE car care products turn heads and create whiplash!

Wet-Ice Over Fire Create a liquid wet shine with exceptional depth and amazing durability! BLACKFIRE's Wet-Ice Over Fire Total Kit is designed to give every color vehicle a blistering shine by packing a pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax with the latest generation of Tri-Polymers and layering it over a laser-sharp, sealant base coat.

BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection creates a thick, high-gloss layer of protection that sharpens reflections and increases the shine on all colors. A top layer of BLACKFIRE Midnight Sun Ivory Carnauba Wax imparts a rich, deep shine. Because Midnight Sun is infused with same Wet Diamond Polymers and the sealant, it bonds perfectly on top creating multidimensional shine that doesn't just turn heads, it creates WHIPLASH!