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Full Detail Informational 2019

Here at BLACKFIRE, we want to make sure to not only provide our customers with the best possible products, but also arm them with the knowledge needed to use those products effectively!

We are already confident that we have succeeded in accomplishing the first of these goals with our extensive line of products that can greatly benefit both the professional detailer AND the weekend warrior. Now, in an attempt to arm our followers with as much knowledge as possible, we are going to take you through a step by step explanation and walk-through on how to detail a car from start to finish.

The car that we have chosen for this project, while not all that old, has never been professionally detailed. Because of this, it does have some glaring imperfections that may not seem noticeable to the layman but stick out like a sore thumb to detailing oriented people like ourselves. That being said, it is not too far gone to be resuscitated with a little detailing expertise and some quality BLACKFIRE products!

The methods and techniques we use throughout these articles may seem to be a bit “overkill”, but we do so with the intent of providing you with as much knowledge and know-how as we possibly can!

So, join us as we give you an incredibly in-depth and technical break-down of how to detail a car from start to finish! And be sure to stay tuned and check back frequently for our following installments in this information-packed detailing break-down!