BLACKFIRE Compound 128 oz.

BLACKFIRE Compound 128 oz.
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Product Description

Your first step to creating perfection on all paint finishes!

BLACKFIRE Compound was developed using the latest German technology for OEM applications. It removes up to 1,000 grit sanding scratches on fresh paint and an impressive range of imperfections from cured paint finishes. Application is user-friendly with a dual-action orbital or rotary polisher. BLACKFIRE Compound is the first step in creating a head-turning shine!

BLACKFIRE Compound removes swirl marks with ease!
When used with an Orange Light Cutting Pad, swirl marks and other imperfections are removed with ease!

This is a companion product to BLACKFIRE Polish designed to remove deeper swirls, scratches and defects in ceramic particle and scratch-resistant clear coats. This is the same abrasive technology used at the OEM level by German and domestic automakers. Use BLACKFIRE Compound on paint flaws that cannot be removed with BLACKFIRE Polish.

BLACKFIRE Compound is designed for machine application with either a dual action or rotary/circular machine polisher. Most 2,000 grit and deeper swirls, scratches, spots and defects in ceramic particle and scratch-resistant clear coats cannot be removed by hand. BLACKFIRE Compound provides the muscle needed to level imperfections in all types of paint.

For the best results, apply BLACKFIRE Compound with a dual action polisher using a CCS Orange Light Cutting Pad. These orange pads are used at the OEM level on ceramic particle and scratch-resistant clear coats.

BLACKFIRE Compound is designed to remove imperfections from the paint without dulling the surface or creating compounding haze. After compounding, use BLACKFIRE Polish with a clean polishing pad to further enhance surface gloss.

Flawless paint starts with BLACKFIRE Compound!


Directions for use:

Work out of direct sunlight.

Hand application - Apply with a dense foam applicator or microfiber applicator. Mist clean pad with pad conditioner. Apply a nickel-sized amount of Compound onto applicator. Work on a 2 x 2 sq. ft. area. Wipe compound over paint using short, firm strokes until polish starts to turn clear. Wipe off immediately using a microfiber towel.

Machine application - Wok on a 2 x 2 sq. ft. area. Mist a clean foam cutting pad with pad conditioner. Apply an X of compound onto the pad. Spread the compound over one section with the machine turned off. Set the speed at 5-6 on a dual action polisher or 1,200 - 1,500 RPM on a rotary polisher. Work the compound over the surface using moderate pressure until it begins to turn clear. Buff of compound by hand using a microfiber towel.

128 oz.

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