Fire Hose Nozzle

Fire Hose Nozzle
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Product Description

The Fire Hose Nozzle lives up to its name. What makes this nozzle so special? It can be summed up in three words:

  • Durable (You won't break it!)
  • Easy (With a twist of the wrist it's on/off)
  • Volume (You've never see a nozzle put out water like this one unless you've been on the end of a fire hose!)

You can drop the Fire Hose Nozzle while washing your car without the worry of breaking the nozzle. It's fully encased in heavy duty  rubber. The rubber protects your car, too!

With a quick twist of the wrist you can adjust the nozzle from full flow, to wide fan, to jet blast! The full flow setting allows the water to sheet off reducing the time you spend drying.

No more leaky nozzles that break! The Fire Hose Nozzle is the last nozzle that you will ever need to buy.


  • Engineered from stainless steel, high grade fiberglass, brass threads, and santoprene rubber.
  • Fire Hose Nozzle Design
  • Adjustable Spray Pattern from a heavy stream to a narrow jet or a broad fan.

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