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Park Smart Parking Mat, Yellow

Park Smart Parking Mat, Yellow
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Product Description

Here's one of those little gizmos that has always intrigued me, but I personally never saw the need. That all changed when I got my SUV. What a change in the garage! Now, every inch counts. If I don't pull in far enough, I can't walk behind the car. Pull in too far and I hit the shelving... with potentially disastrous results!

The Park Smart Parking Mat is the ideal preventative measure against garage mishaps. Made of highly visible, rubber-like material, the Parking Mat is durable as well as oil and gasoline resistant. The Parking Mat is designed to guide you into your garage and let you know exactly when to stop.

How does it work? As you feel yourself driving over the first bump, you will know its time to stop. The vehicle's weight, on the Parking Mat's flat tongue, holds the mat in place. Its simplicity is ingenious!

The Parking Mat measures 27.5"x 12"x 1.5". Comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Color: Yellow.