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Lake Country Waffle Pro 4 Inch Foam Pads

Lake Country Waffle Pro 4 Inch Pads are rugged enough for the professional yet preferred by many enthusiasts. These four unique foam pads feature the pro color system for easy identification in body and refinishing shops. These dense foam pads feature a convoluted polishing face that improves polishing performance in many situations.

The Lake Country Waffle Pro 4 Inch Pads' waffle patterned polishing face increases airflow around the pad during polishing while reducing polishing splatter. Since the air is free to flow in the small gaps created by the waffle design your panel remains cooler. The design also reduces pad hop and skipping when used at high-rpm with a rotary buffer. Best of all, the Lake Country Waffle Pro 4 Inch Pads size means that it works great with dual-action polishers as well.

The new pro color system foam is easy to understand for anybody who is familiar with polishing in a professional setting. Four different colors for give you a full range of polishing options to remove any paint defects you encounter. A full length hook and loop backing material makes attaching the pads quick and easy.

The Lake Country Waffle Pro 4 inch pads are available in the following colors:

Waffle Pro 4 inch Black Finishing Pad - This medium density foam is soft to the touch providing a light level of friction. Use this pad with medium grade polish to remove light swirl marks, light compounding haze, or towel marks. Use this pad with a finishing polish to create a high-gloss, swirl-free shine.

Waffle Pro 4 inch Blue Finessing Pad - This ultra soft pad is extremely gentle creating minimal friction. Use this pad with a finishing or ultra finishing polish to create extreme levels of gloss.

Clean pads using Detailer's Pro Series Polishing Pad Rejuvenator. It's a concentrate that breaks up residues in the pad and rinses clean.